What is Netcomics?

Netcomics is a program that downloads today's comic strips from the Web, and places them in a local directory where they can be retrieved for display. Because each website that carries comic strips chooses how old of strips to show, the comic strips downloaded will actually be from different dates, but they'll always be the latest.

Although not always kept up to date, there are a lot of comics supported. Use the link for 'supported comics' to get a list of the comics supported as of the last software release.

Written in perl, netcomics is very platform independant. perlTK & perlGTK are used for the implementation of graphical user interfaces. All of netcomics is written using modules, so you can write your own scripts using it if you'd like.

Netcomics was created for the purpose of having a little relief from the weary mind of someone busy at work, so another script called display_comics is also provided as an example way to periodically show the retrieved comic strips throughout the workday. Also, when run on a Monday, you can run netcomics to download Saturday's and Sunday's comic strips as well.

We're wanting to improve download time performance and need to know what type of Internet connection you use. Please take a minute to fill out the survey at: http://sourceforge.net/survey/?group_id=508

Visit the Netcomics SourceForge Project Page

Netcomics Maintainers <netcomics-maintainers@lists.sf.net>
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